Board Members & Trustees

An independent Board of volunteers was established to develop and administer the Rainy Lake Fisheries Charity Trust. Each of the following organizations or agencies were invited to nominate one member: Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship, Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club (an affiliate of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters), Ministry of Natural Resources (Fort Frances District), Rainy Lake Conservancy, Northwestern Ontario Tourism Association, Abitibi Consolidated Company of Canada, the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce, Town of Fort Frances, Rainy River Future Development Corporation, and the Fort Frances Chief’s Secretariat.


The following Board members or trustees were selected to administer the fund, which would include the task of developing partnerships, seeking donations, encouraging future research activities and reviewing/approving project applications:

Darryl McLeod Retired (MNRF) Chair
vacant Accountant Secretary/Treasurer
Blair Beadow Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club (FFSC) Member at Large
Geoff Gillon Rainy River Future Development Corporation (RRFDC) Member at Large
Greg Gustafson Fort Frances Canadain Bass Championship (FFCBC) Member at Large
Melissa Mosley Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) Member at Large
Dale Callaghan Rainy Lake Conservancy (RLC) Member at Large
Tom Pearson Northwestern Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA) Member at Large
Don Cumming Angler representative - Fort Frances Times Member at Large
Stuart Clendenning Public/Anishinaabeg Kabpikotawangag Resource Council Member at Large
Jeff Johnston Fort Frances Sportsmen's Club Past Member/Chair
Paul Jewiss Angler Representative Past Member
Karl Zimmerman Accountant (Stewart, Sande & Zimmerman) Past Member
Larry Eustace Legal Past Member
Steve Lundon Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship (FFCBC) Past Member
Doug Cain Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship (FFCBC) Past Member
Tannis Drysdale Public representative Past Member
Jack Hedman Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters (OFAH) Past Member
Ed McLeod Rainy Lake Tourist Operator Past Member

Trustees are encouraged to serve a minimum term of 2-3 years. Quarterly meetings would be scheduled in advance for the Board, with an established quorum of six members. When unable to attend regularly scheduled meetings, Members at Large from organizations are encouraged to send an alternate representative. Alternates would be ineligible to vote, and proxy privileges would not be provided.